Your home tells your story

My design philosophy is simple – your home should be your favourite place. It should be where you want to be when you close your eyes, and it should bring a smile to your face when you wake up in the morning. It should tell the story of your family, of your travels, and your favorite things. It should bring you together to eat, and play, and soak, and sleep.  It should bring in the best of all the green and sun around you  – and keep out the noisy and wet bits. It needs to work hard to make everything easy for you – cooking, entertaining, washing up, supervising homework, working at your home office, organizing clothes, organizing life.

I believe in bringing the beauty of the outside in  – the air, the light – in natural materials that bring soul and history – wood, glass, metal , stone combined with the softness of cashmere, fur and down.  My color scheme is always simple  – layers of muted colors such as warm whites, soothing greys, punctuated by silvers and mirrors. I use simple lines, functional mid century modern furnishing mixed with antiques, family treasures, and the odd chandelier!